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Moneycontrol - Family budget

3.96 usd

Moneycontrol is great application for managing your accounts, bills, budget, savings, expenses and incomes:Features:
• Multiple accounts in multiple currencies.• Add single/recurring entries like income, expense, account transfer and bills.• Tracking Transfers, Expenses and Incomes of accounts• Budget with rollover. ( Carrying current month left budget amount to next month).• Budget for multiple currencies.• Recurring with no end dates.• Add payments of income, expense and account transfer type.• Schedule the payments and recurring payments• Take a picture of receipt• Payment alerts• Income type budget ( You can use it as savings tracker ).• Expense type budget (You can set custom accounts and categories for tracking budget).• Add tags for transactions.• Add transaction status, payment method for each transaction.• Identify transaction status by color.• Search and reports.• Export account activities into CSV or XLS for desktop.• Import .csv• Customize categories/subcategories, payer/payer, tags, date format, amount format, themes.• Account transfer between same and different currency account.• Charts• Dropbox integration.• Synchronizing data between devices.• Password protection.• Backup/Restore Database.• More awesome features.